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i like black lipstick

i like black lipstick


God bless the cosplayers who buy full replica costumes. They support costume/prop makers from around the world.

God bless the cosplayers who throw together their costumes from charity shops and old clothes. Your resourcefulness and productivity is to be admired.

God bless the cosplayers who make their costumes from scratch. Your creativity and skill is incredible and inspiring.

God bless cosplayers, for letting us all for just one day be more than who we are.


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british boys: hey babe, how are you? you look lovely today

american boys: whaddup shawty you lookin hella fine winna winna chicken dinna hellz yeah lets get naked

you’ve never met a british boy have you

oi m8 i fink ur fine as tits

thaats more like it.

'I'd shag u and ya mam'

"i’m in me mums caar broom broom"


~ by MyHanKoKo on Grooveshark